Late Nights Part One

I drove 30 minutes just to meet up with him, he was house sitting for a friend who was out of the city for three long weeks.
I wore my dress that just covered the bottom of my bum. When we had both arrived at his friends house we went to the balcony where he held me close and we swayed slowly side to side. He moved my hair off my neck and gently kissed my neck and gently nibbled my ear. Mmmhm I moaned. He used both of his hands to caress the shape of my small figure and reached down the sides of my legs and lifted my dress as he brought his hands back up. He commented on my half-a§§ panties then slowly reached around to the front of my panties and slipped his hand in. Slowly and gently his fingers separated my lips and his fingers rubbed my ©lit as I begin to get wetter with every touch of his fingers I spread my legs and I start caressing my big breast while moaning his name. I reach my free hand around grabbing his hard ©ock and begin stroking it over his pants. I getting more and more wet and I reach my other hand around to undo his belt and his pants. He noticed I was having a hard time with his belt so he undid it for me. His finger went inside Mmmhm i moaned using his thumb to rub my ©lit as he fingered me. I took his hard ©ock in my hand and stroke it lightly. Then felt a second finger go in oh my mmhm his fingers were fast and I was going to ******. He sees I'm struggling to keep my legs spread he goes faster and harder as I let out moans of pleasure begging him not to stop screaming his name as I came and soaked my panties and his hand dripping down my legs.

(stay tuned for part two ;-) )
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I love this story... I want to hear more, please!!