We slide together underneath the sheets. The covers blocking out the outside world. All that's left is us.

You stop and watch me as I watch you. Our eyes locking and showing the love between us. You reach out, move the stray strand of hair away from my face and with the slightest of touches, run your knuckles over my cheek as your hand reaches out to my neck. As you watch me watching you, your fingers slide down to my throat, running along my collarbone, before bringing your lips parallel to mine.

Your thumb rests in the small V of my neck, you lean in and kiss me.
MrsLalaninjacakes MrsLalaninjacakes
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To kiss, to play, to touch in that special way, to hold, to smell, to light the fire of desire, to feel, to caress, to love you through the night, to swoon, to moan with delight, to enjoy you without worry, to cover you with nips and lick your ****, and now to sample about your hips, your nectur flows, to service the petals of your flower with lips and nose. to make you want to, beg for penetration, to bring you to that lovely sensation, that pure pleasure that only lovers know will be

sigh... beautiful....

I love how you love my morning garlic breath x

The flavor of your kisses is my craving every day. I love you xx

I've been awake for hours, never mind the sun!

Steady on Cakes the suns not passed the missem mast !!!!!!