I Totally Adore Men

I mean, not ALL men, you understand, but men in general. I am so totally heterosexual... I love the way men feel, how you talk and walk and carry yourself and smell and smile....

But I have to admit I do NOT always understand you... I just wish sometimes I could figure out what you want from women... yeah, I know, sex. But then why the double standard?

Some men seem to love women to be all frilly and girly and others complain when we are.....

I really wish I could figure out the male mind as well as I have figured out your sex parts. THEM I have NO problems with! LOL!
SabrinaNYC SabrinaNYC
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5 Responses Jul 30, 2010

Baby rabbits are the most beautiful creatures on earth.

Just the opposite, i love women, i am convince that a woman is the most beautiful creature on earth. I just love the shape ofthier bodies and the graceful way the walk and talk, they are very attractive.

Sometimes we want ice cream, sometimes we want peanuts. No mystery there. The real difference between the sexes is that when we want ice cream we say we want ice cream instead of saying we want peanuts and then feeling disappointed and let down when we get them. God, I do love stereotypes. How many jokes would have to be deleted from our communal joke bank if we didn't have them?

and some like to wear women's clothes and use a lot of capitals. Right.

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I am sure you're right....