I have three children this year and just me working therefore I expect a refund. I just need the stupid W-2 from the salon job and I'm ready to roll. I think they are having it delivered via carrier pigeon as it's taking FOREVER! I have so much to do and bills to pay and things to catch up but it's all waiting on this freakin' return!
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LOL... Already got it, spent it and back to broke... giggle<br />
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Ok I paid off a lot of stuff including my old truck... :)<br />
click on contact/location<br />
you could go there . ask for your income report, call the job ask for the ein number and that all that you need for the tax pro to do your taxes or for you to do them yourself. <br />
you state taxes may be screwy but you can postpone your state until your federal comes and your w2 from the employer comes in..<br />
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hopes this helps!<br />
Happy Taxes!

I claim 0 and have an additional amount taken just in case... it helps and I know it isn't the best way but it works for me. One day I'd like to break even and not have to worry about it.

Can I borrow one of your kids, I'm sure I'll owe something...<br />
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It's sucks being single without kids!