Meeting My Redhead's Master..

     Yeah, we had a good run...about 5 1/2 years.   She was a virgin to chocolate until her friend hooked her up with a fellow bartending friend.  Damn!  This guy was huge!     My girl, Kelly, looks like the strawberry blonde from next door.   Could be anybody's kid sister from back then.   This guy pawed and manhandled her in a somewhat friendly manner amidst laughter  'til I  almost came in my pants.   4 of us had met up in Manhattan for drinks.  My girl, her friend, me and Russ.  Nice guy, smart, lived in Asia somewhere...writing a book.  Kelly's a writer.  They hit it off.  A brain connection soon to be a love connection.  I'm pretty asexual, but I'm a huge voyeur.   Watching them talk and laugh innocently, I could envision her mouth on his ****.   We hungout uptown until about 4am and parted ways after Kelly and Russ exchanged emails to discuss his book and some writing.  I was cool with it and it gave me something to fantasize about while I jerked off the next morning.
     It seemed innocent enough until Kelly began to talk about Russ and meeting to help him brainstorm.  I knew where this would lead.  She's very bubbly, smart, confident and aloof that makes her hot!     After about a week, she started taking the phone into another room, etc.   I knew she was digging him and wanted his ****.   Kelly loves sex with exotic, usually foreign guys, so imagined that a black guy would fit the bill..  Russ was built like a linebacker and from what I've heard about brothers being big, if his **** was in proportion to his shoulders, she would fall easy pray to him.
     So in bed, I nuzzled her ear with some fantasy talk while fondling her breasts..."How's your new friend?"  I asked.  "hmmm?" she moaned.   "Your new friend?  Russ, the writer?" I leaded in.   She hesitated, "Good, I guess, why?"      "Has he tried anything?  I continued.     "Like......"             "Like touching you or kissing you????   He must've tried something by now." I was both hunting for info and fantasizing about them at the same time.  My **** was a rock against her ***.     She took the bait, "We just talk, Hal.   Not all guys want to get in my pants and I don't **** every guy I meet.  Why?   did you think something was going on?"         Baiting her, "I felt the connection between you, Kel. ...and I saw the way he pawed you and looked at you like a little white lamb.  Don't tell me you didn't thing about him a little."         Her *** started grinding into my aching crotch, "..but I love YOU..  I don't want somebody else."   "I know"  I acknowledged, "but I think you need some training....some domination.   Listen, don't be mad, but I called him and broached the subject of him rearing you."            She jumped up, "What?!  Rearing me?!  What the hell does that mean?!"      Trying to remain matter of fact, "I just think it's an experience we shouldn't overlook.   You need this.  You get a little big for your britches and I know I'm not enough for you.  You need to a dominant guy, a master, to make you obedient and use you properly."          Aghast, "I can't believe you called him!   What did he say?"   Nervously, I continued, "...only that he'd be doing me a big favor if he was into it and that quite honestly, I thought it'd be good for you."    Not wanting to lose the moment, I massaged her, "Hey, don't worry, I was just playing, you know I would never invite someone into our bed like that."   Her body was betraying her with the idea, though, just as I thought.   When I started exploring her, she was soaked and willing to be taken.    When I entered her, she gasped into a quick ******.   She was puddy in my hands.  As I pumped her slowly, I created a visual description of him taking her while I watched.  She didn't stop me.  I said that if he wanted her, he could easily overpower her and she couldn't say no....   She became crazy beneath me fighting me off while I pinned her and took her violently creating the probable image of him and them together.  She scratched and screamed coming repeatedly has I took her like an animal.    I knew I had planted the seed for later and that she would give into him shortly.
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Aren't you the clever one? Milky thinks you are very perceptive about what your woman needed. And you may have planted a seed, but that it sound like Russ planted some subsequently. :-)