I'll Never Find A Boyfriend...

I'm 17 years old. This August it will be 18.
Everyone around me in school seems to be in a relationship. It's not like I only wanted a boyfriend because others have one. I would like to have one because it is something normal. And because I think it would be nice to have someone you can trust. Someone who is always there for you etc.
The problem is that I'll probably never find one. I'm not really girly: I hate dresses and skirts and I often wear clothes that boys also wear.
I never go out on the weekends because I don't feel comfortable at parties and if I ever go somewhere with people I am always the ugly friend.

Another thing is that I really pay attention to how someone looks. Of course character is very important too but the looks is the first thing you notice and it seems like every guy I see is just too ugly for me. I hate myself for thinking this way but I can't change. I know that I'm not pretty and don't have the right to judge others by their looks but I just can't like someone if his looks doesn't fit to what I imagine.

Seems like I'll be forever alone... 
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I totally know the feelin, but don't worry, guys will come and go. I find a little eye contact with the right guy and its all over.....

i'm sure that you have nice and strong personnality.
your beauty is on your mind.

no no no do not say like this , u i think u lose God
every one have its own ...........