A Day In The Park...late Afternoon Pleasure

I decided to go a lovely small park, in a small country town in western
MA to enjoy a day in the country. I had visited this area before and had
found this rather secluded park, on the edge of town. It had a real nice
grassy area, a small pond and had a few benches by the edge of the
grass overlooking the pond. It was so relaxing, calming and just the
way to mellow out a city guy, who has a country boy soul. As I picked a
spot on the grass near the pond to put my blanket down, I noticed this
very attractive, voluptuous woman, with a great smile and a young baby
in her arms sittng on a bench
So I moved my blanket somewhat closer to her, so I could get a
better look at her. She was holding her little one so easily and gently,
then he, I think? started to cry. She started to sing gently and rock him
in her arms. He was still crying when I thought I heard her say, "Hey,
little one I bet you are hungry" you haven't had any thing to eat or drink
for a few hours. She then proceeded to unbutton her white linen shirt,
reveaing a beautiful, large, milky filled breast with a large areola and the
most amazing thick full nipple. Clearly she had been breast feeding her
little boy for quite awhile since she was so comfortable and at ease with
this. She was placing this milky dripping treasure into his little lips, he
was suckling away on her stiffening aroused nipples, while carressing
her breasts. I was totally absorbed in watching her... so turned on,
becoming so aroused that I did not even think to look away or be self
conscious.. I was taking in the whole experience, actually feeling
jealous of the little guy feeding, nursing and suckling so easily and
naturally from his beaming mom.
After watching her for some time, she started to button up her shirt
since the little one had become sleepy...after drinking all that warm,
sweet milk from that fountain of heavenly nectar. She saw that I was
looking her way, I gave her a wide warm smile...as best as I could
considering how aroused and turned on I was...it was one of the most
erotic experiences that I can remember in a very long time.
She smiled back, waved and gestured for me to come over. Without
waiting a moment, I got slowly and walked over to her. "I noticed that
youwere watching me breast feeding my little guy. Usually I would have
put my nursing blanket over my shoulder and cover my exposed breast,
but it is such a warm lovely day that I decided not to and I noticed you
when you had put your blanket down originally and was very pleased
and complimented that you moved it closer to me".
I was still in heaven at this time...the images of her full large breast
being suckled, dripping with drops of milk, while she was caressing
and stroking her breasts..
I was able to be totally present and grounded in the moment and
told her , " I was so totally absorbed, turned on and so aroused by
watching you...you are so lovely, so peaceful in feeding your little one
and you have absolutely beautiful voluptous large breasts"
Wow....I actually was able to get the words out in one conherent
sentence, without losing it! She smiled, nodded and said " I must tell
you that while I was feeding him, I could feel your presence, your
watching me in a very warm, caring, yet also a very aroused, sensual
erotic way....I also became very aroused, felt my breasts swelling with
ullness and desire.... I was getting really hot and very wet myself"
"I have been a single mom for the last several months, so haven't
been dating or haven't been spending any time with a guy. You seemed
like a real nice safe guy and I was really complimented to see how you
were so into and aroused by this."
"Come sit down on the bench with me"... I obeyed her command...
I was all hers....
She opened her shirt, opened the flap on the bra of the other breast
that had not been nursed, leaned over and kissed me, placed her hand
behind my head gently and lead me to her awaiting breasts and
hard, stiff desireous full nipples......
To be continued......
BostonBreastLovingGuy BostonBreastLovingGuy
51-55, M
Jul 9, 2010