Looking In The Dc Metro Area.

OK, so I hope whoever reads this has a sense of humor. Yes, I am a fan of big boobs. I love cleavage and the look of a supple, pouting set of twins!

I'm not sure why, I just like the way they look and feel. Hate me if you want, but honestly, other then liking big honkers, I'm really not that picky. I've heard that some women who are rather well endowed, think that they are freakish...what the hell? I'll be the juggs, oops I mean judge of that!! Feel free to enclose a photo if you are in need of some positive feedback!

Now, although I approach this subject with levity, please understand that I am serious about meeting a special woman (who happens to have really big boobs!) I know, I know, but we all have our preferences and consider this my choice off the menu, "yes waiter, I'll have steamed veggies, a diet coke with lemon and for my entree...I would like a plate of heaping breasts."

I don't mind a few extra lbs. in fact, a few extra only enhances the "curve" factor. I'm open to a divorced, single parent, lonely traveler, women who like fun, laughter, lightness, lots of sex, affection, TLC, kissing, massages and of course I'm open to other suggestions.

As for me, I have photos to share, I live alone so discretion need not be a worry. Hell, you can stay the night if we hit it off and I may even make you a great cup of coffee!!

I'm a great person and someone who is looking for companionship with one top heavy, well endowed, sensual goddess and I seek one special lady who is a jewel and would like to be treated with respect, love and affection, lots and lots of affection! Oh yea, did i mention I really like big, bouncy boobs too?
I'm athletic, masculine, clean with semi-good manners. I hope to hear back from you.
breastscwirtguy breastscwirtguy
36-40, M
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What's the difference in bra sizes between the US and UK?

36F (UK size). Feel free to look, appreciate, comment on and hopefully enjoy my pictures.

I wish I could. How big are your breasts?

damn, why can't you be in London<br />
or someone invent a teleporter!