Anyone Want to Help?

Hi ladies, I've been cross dressing since I can remember.  I want to go further than I ever have before, and become as feminine as possible - maybe even enough to go out in public dressed fem.  Is there anyone here in Melbourne Australia who can help me with makeup, and shopping for suitable clothes (I don't want to look like a cheap ****, just a normal woman)

I'd love a female friend I could dress up with and just do normal girly things.

Can't wait to see if there's someone out there willing to help

Jessica xx

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Thanks for the tips - I think I might do some practice this weekend - what about eyeliner? - I never seem to get that right

I'm in the US, so I don't know what brands are available in Oz, but there is a brand I bought for my sissy (because it's not like I'm taking him to the makeup counter in a dept store) that's designed for sensitive skin and has 'color beads' that actually adapt to your skin tone. His skin is paler than mine and it looks great. I tried it for kicks one day, and ... it looked great! <br />
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Also, the 'Bare Mineral' stuff works well over a variety of skin tones, and it's easy to apply. You can even watch an infomercial on it!<br />
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As a general guide, once you have your foundation set, for everything else, LESS IS MORE unless you're going out clubbing, or if you want to look like a tart. <br />
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I haven't checked, but I'm wondering if the US company Merle Norman has makeup video's on line. Also, Avon is sold (I'm pretty sure) in Oz. You might want to find a Avon rep (they come to your house) who could give you tips. In this economy, one of the reps should figure out whatever their own tastes are, they would have a 'forever' customer if they treat you with understanding and respect. As a bonus, the products are very good!

grey/blue and my skin is very pale. My wig is brunette with reddish/auburn hilights

well if you plan on weraing foundation- the best way to pick a color is by putting it on your hand. look at it in different lighting to make sure it doesnt make your skin look different. what color are you eyes?

Sorry, but I don't want to post a pic on any public forum. I already have 1 wig, and am currently looking for a nicer one, and I have also been experimenting with makeup, but not real good at it - yet

im in the USA. but you should post a pic of your face and then one of your whole body. then we can determine what makeup and clothing. and even wigs if you want to take it that far.