Every Woman Wants A Good Man, Me Too!

Just so happens I want mine to be black also.

Well, for starters I am chemically and physically attracted to them. Their bodies look sexy and many without even going to a gym. I first noticed this in junior high when the boys would talke off their t-shirts (the black boys were well defined and the white boys were not). They tend to be on the taller side. Their full lips are sexy,  look delicious and make me want to kiss them forever.

I absolutely love their dark skin. From head to toe, I love it !!!  I love the contrast when their smooth dark skin is pressed against my white skin its electric to me.

Black me are fun to be around, don't know why and don't really care. Whether working, talking, out in resturants/bars or just hanging out. I have a good time around them. In a way I feel sexier around them because they treat me well, make me feel appreciated.

I like their deep family ties and their being believers. Their culture I think has made this a deep down part of them. I like that, it's much like how I was raised. I love jazz and blues and it speaks to their lives.

Also, I know not all black men are thugs, as that seems to be the opinion of standing today. Do they exist, yes. But not ALL men are that way. Black men do care, about many things and I have met them. They have an attitude toward life that is not pessimistic but full of laughter and music.

I have been told on occassion that I am unapprochable, but that doesn't seem to be rigth where black men are concerned. They do approch and they talk with me on many subjects. I am approchable. I guess its their confidence and the black men I have know have shown me this. Love a man who has confidence.

Just like the old 60's saying, 'Black is Beautiful'. Well, I think black men are beautiful. I love their skin, their cultrue and their personality.
For me there is a big difference between the average black man and the average white man when it comes to looks and sexual attraction. I find a very large share of black men, maybe as many as half, sexually attractive. Among white men it’s probably not more than one in a hundred.

Give me a big, strong, dominant dark man in a nice suit and tie, and I'm a total puddle on the floor! Theres are the men I work with every day. His attitude, his personalty, his polite and gentelmanly ways make him a real man to me.

Ebony and Ivory are a perfect match! It's just how I feel.
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My first black man is a god man. I'm married and all he wants is sex so he is perfedt

where are the contacts of this ladies who have just confessed to love we black

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