If Only

If only, you lived close to me?  We could be poo buddy's, wether you are male or female don't bother me, at all?  I would love for you to sit on my lap and do number 2, and then I would do the same or you.  It would be a great experiene for the both of us if you lived here, I am a owner of two homes, and I would treat you guys like kings or queens?  what ever the case may be?  And for you ladies, well just sit on my lap and in return I will sit on yours.............

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
4 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Any of you live near MI?


Are you saying you live near M25?

I would love to be in the middle, poop front and back sounds like heaven. I would love to cuddle you both

Now that sounds gooooood

I would love to be fondled through my pants & felt up gently before I do a big poop in my diaper or my full seated underwear & *** like crazy first, during & after I do a mushy warm poop! I'd sit on your lap & you can rub me down nice & slow & make me *** again & grunt like crazy! I love being cuddled in bed after I poop a big load in my diaper!

so good