Now Would Be a Good Time

currently at a job i held previously for 4 years...even left for about 3yrs....been back for about 4 months and hate it already lol  i really didn't want to go back....but i kinda had to, or else i'd have had no $$...and that sucks worse than being at a job i hate.  But now that i have my CNA license, i'm trying to find something in that field.  of course when i'm actually looking for one i can't find it :/  or any decent kind of job right now.  definitely not getting the hours at work that i need, so something is gonna have to change really soon. 

A job that i actually would LIKE to do would be nice...i like people (mostly), so i really wouldn't want something where i'd have to be by myself a lot (i'd get too bored lol)  not really sure what i'm looking for, but...maybe i'll know when i find it! lol

KinkyFlower KinkyFlower
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1 Response Feb 11, 2009

no, i guess it was this job i hated already lol can't believe i used to LOVE it a little while's better now tho, but i still would like something different.<br />
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oh and i'm totally with you on the beach....that would be awesome!