Been Trying...

So I've tried and tried, spent numerous hours taking 'career' test, even paid lots of $$ for a career counselor, graduated college, have a master's, started another grad program and i'm only 28!! wth?? my college friends are just like... hmm...good luck at this point.  i'm on a leave of absence from my grad program and looking about but man, i don't even know if it's worth trying anymore. 

i know i like a 'fun' environment meaning coworkers who work hard, are good at what they do but joke around, help one another out.  maybe i'm hanging onto a past experience i had rather than moving forward.... i don't know.  i'm sure it's still out there but i get frustrated! everything i want changes all the time... (it seems).  i just needed to vent.  i know that the job we all want is out there - it just takes time and a ton of patience!

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4 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Everyone has their own ideal job and working environment.I think the most important and effective way to find it is to take a try. Before taking a shoot, you should have your direction which field do you wanna get in. For the working environment, I wish I could work in this perfect workplace, but it less happens.

Or maybe we have to create the job we'll love. It may not be out there to go and get, yet. That's what I'm thinking at least. I don't have all the education you do, but I've done all the career tests and still don't know. I'm noticing patterns in my thoughts about it though. Got some persistent ideas. Maybe that would help you to write a journal of your thoughts about what you'd like to do and look for patterns. Then you may be able to find a way to combine the most frequently occuring ideas into some sort of business of your own making. Good luck.

If you like being in school so much, maybe being a grad school professor is the job for you...

If you like being in school so much, maybe being a grad school professor is the job for you...