Where Do I Go To Apply!

This is what I want!

This is what I need in a job, so point me to this company.

Relocation - no problem.

For a professional look, nylons and heels every day.

I am ready willing and able to be this company's employee.

Will I met the 'Dress Code' dressed this way?


I'm serious! Where is the job application.

Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
4 Responses Jul 28, 2010

a traveling sales job is a very great way to dress as a girl even while you are traveling. Then depending on your customers, you maybe able to wear some type of feminine clothes while your with them.

If you would like a job you can dress how you wNt to then contact me at lifepath101@gmail.com

You may have to look into the LGBT community in search for employment. I know if there is an opening, they would let you dress however you want.

I wanted a job where I could dress as a girl too, I build limousines at a shop in the midwest. Now live full time as a girl, no skirtsuits, heels or nylons though. I wear my company logo t-shirt with legging or skinny jeans with full makeup. It probably helps that I really do look like a girl, but I discovered the key was to stop wishing I could and just do it. The first day I expected to be murdered. Instead the ladies at work went nuts over how well I do makeup and eyebrows, and how I always find the best nail colors. I lived in fear all my life, and was depressed as a result. One day I just said **** it, whatever happens, happens. None of my fears were realized, but all the girls at work love me now, and I don't have to try to be boyish anymore. Life is so much better now. If you think you can do whatever you want, you likely can. I was ready to face death, so it can't be worse for you. And you may be surprised at how it turns out!

I think every cd knows the fears but i also think society at large is far more prepared to accept us then it ever has been.