I Long to Kiss

My sexless life also means no wonderful kissess... and I really miss kissing.


It occured to me, I would be happy to find a kissing paramour.. someone that I could share the marvels of kissing with... and nothing more.


51-55, M
5 Responses Mar 13, 2009

You see... if the kissing is good... then it can't stay just kissing.

I mean I might want it for a while... a month maybe... but you know if the kissing is good then the oral sex would probably be equally good... since good kissers are so oral.<br />
<br />
and if the oral sex is good, well I'm sure we'd both be dying to know how everything is.

Is that what you would want???

Not saying that it wouldn't go any further... but kissing would be pretty damn great.

If I were with you, I'd gladly teach you how to once again.