Nobody Is Too Old To Get Spanked

As a child, I used to get spanked when I got caught doing something wrong. Where I grew up, every kid got spanked when the got caught doing something wrong. At school, at home, by neighbors, any adult in the community could tell you what to do or punish you if you deserved it. Being spanked after misbehaving, not only corrects the behavior, it gives additional motivation not to repeat the behavior, and it brings fast closure and forgiveness to the guilty party.

When I got older and heard I was "too old to get spanked", I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me. I was raised with a specific set of guidelines and penalties, and all of the sudden, due to something as far out of my control as puberty, ALL the rules have changed. I had no practice in dealing with guilt on my own. I found it harder to do the right thing for the right reason, because my old reason (avoiding punishment) was no longer an option. When I felt guilty, I would wait until late at night, sneak into the basement, get naked, lay in the diapering position, and give myself a spanking with whatever I could find around the room. I tried brushes, rulers, belts, rulers, and electrical cords to make it sting enough to make me feel I had regained a sense of internal balance. When I was a teenager, I did an internet search with the term "spanking adults", thinking I couldn't be the only one who felt the need for more physical discipline and guidance even if we were "too old". I found over 1,000,000 results. I found such a sense of joy that I was not alone, it was as if I had discovered aliens. There were others like me all over the place, trying not to be discovered, but trying to find each other.

I found many people to guide me into discipline and bdsm, and eventually I made the transition from sub to Domme. Now, I dominate people in a sensual way (not always sex), but I prefer acting as a disciplinarian. I find adult who feel the need for discipline or motivation through spanking and punishment. I often play the role of Mommy, or just "disciplinarian". They confess to me their reasons for needing my help, and I spend time reviewing their behavior. I scold them, give them stern, bare bottom spankings, make them write lines or stand in the corner to think about how to change their behavior. Afterward, they feel more balance and resolution, and I get the fulfillment of having helped someone in a way few people would have helped them. I don't feel anyone is too old to be spanked.
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

you sound like exactly what i need .... caring but strict woman, with strict nonsexual discipline, who has experience on her own .... it would be an honor to be disciplined by you

But as adults spanking sexually arouses you and them as well, and it will always end with having good sex.