Looking For Someone ( 22, M, Philadelphia)

Tickling has always been an interest of mine yet I haven't had anyone to share in it with. That is of course the kind where someone gets tied up and tickling. I am looking for a woman who enjoys both being tickled and doing the tickling, she should be alright with being tied up and have ticklish feet. I have been looking for quite a while and am realizing the futility of trying to find someone over the internet. I'm not looking to show up at your doorstep with ropes in hand after one conversation as so many people seem to think. Rather a period of talking and getting to know each other, possibly meeting up in real life before hand, and maybe even becoming friends. As this posting is only for tickling nothing sexual will happen and it can be called off any time if you aren't comfortable. However if you do feel like giving it a shot, send me a message. I will respond as quickly as I can.
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Hi, I live close to Philly, like prob 30 min away. I don't really like my feet tickled cuz I get really bad foot cramps and thats not fun. But I'm ticklish pretty much everywhere and have never been tied and tickled but found that tickling games are fun so I'm up for trying that too. I read some of your earlier stories about how you just want to be friends and I like that and I like the idea of talking or even meeting first before trying anything.

Since this group is called "I Want a Male Tickle Buddy," it's kind of inappropriate for you to say you're looking for a woman. Maybe you should pay more attention to the groups you are posting in.