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My bladder felt like it was about to explode, but I only had 40 minutes to go. Master lay beside me in the king sized bed we shared, my filthy cage in the corner of our bedroom a reminder of nights of misbehaviour. As Master’s personal **** slave, I was forbidden bathroom privileges between 9 pm and 7 am. This often meant occasional nights of tossing silently beside him as I tried to find a position that would put the least amount of pressure on my distended bladder, as I prayed I wouldn’t wet the diaper Master forced me to wear most nights. Worse than wetting my diaper would be to leave the bed and relieve myself in the toilet, or anywhere else but on myself. Master locked the door to the washroom anyways, as a **** slave; I was not permitted the privilege of relieving myself like normal individuals. It was up to him how, where and when I released my bodily fluids.
I became a **** slave when I was faced with criminal charges that led to jail time for shop lifting. Because of a lack of space in jail, I was given two ultimatums; I could either spend two years in a crowded, filthy cell with limited food and supplies, or live with a “Correctional Chief” for two years who would see in his own way that I straightened out. If I do as told, I leave at the end of the term without a record, and I get to stay fed and sheltered in a more of a home environment. Of course, if I ratted about the actual events that took place here, I would be deemed a liar and thrown in jail anyways. A well respected authority figure always wins over a reoffending criminal any day. So I comply, most of the time.
RING! RING! RING! I’m already at the side of his bed and in position. Master shuts off the alarm sleepily and slowly stretches, finally pulling the sheets back and standing casually in front of me, pulling his semi hard penis out to relieve his morning **** without a glance at me. As if he was actually standing in front of a toilet, he begins to spurt his warm **** towards me, who, waiting on knees is forced to readjust the position of my mouth so it doesn’t hit the wooden floors. He doesn’t give me the courtesy of actually aiming at my mouth, and ****** slowly yet steadily. He knows that sitting on my knees puts extra pressure on my already swollen bladder, and is in no rush to finish quickly.
**** now dripping off my chin and onto my tight white see through tank top, I have now controlled his flow straight down my throat. Muskier and more acrid than any other time of day, I sometimes have to ward off nausea, even though it’s been months since I first tasted his ****. Master loves watching my small stomach slowly bloat with his liquid, until my abdomen looks somewhat like a balloon, my bladder hard and swollen and my stomach now full and extending over the top of my diaper. Finally, Master finishes, and I lick and suck at the last drops.
“Master, may I please relieve myself of my urine?” I plead.
“Yes, ****, in the usual manner,” He replies. The usual manner, in the morning, was always to empty my entire contents into my diaper. First, I must take off my diaper and allow Master to inspect that not one drop has escaped throughout the night. If proven, he tapes it back on and I am finally allowed to urinate. I turn my back to him on all fours, *** pushed upwards towards him and let my **** gush into the super absorbent diaper. He likes me to do so slowly so he can watch the heaviness escalate before his eyes and watch it begin to sag immensely beneath me. When I’m done, I’m to give him morning head, still on knees, in thanks for my relief. I need to be careful of any sudden movements, because with the diaper so full, it could leak onto the floor easily, in which case I’m to lick up, sanitize and then submit to severe punishment.
I wrap my lips around Master’s thick **** head, and suck gently. I can still taste the tangy taste of his ****, and suck until it diminishes. His **** now grown to its fullest size, I begin the task of enveloping it down my throat. With steady, slow pumps, his hand on my head, he begins to moan softly. My rhythm picks up, and with each pump my tongue is busy flicking the sensitive underside of his head simultaneously, and his hand becomes entangled and grips tightly in my long, wavy brown hair. He twists my small, hard nipple through my shirt and I gasp, which earns me a slap across the face. I quickly resume sucking and pumping with my tight, hot mouth. I can sense Master nearing, his balls slapping loudly and fiercely against my chin, his **** swelling with anticipation of his large load. With a passionate groan, Master’s **** twitches and throbs with each rope of *** he pumps into my mouth and down my throat, not stopping until my mouth is overflowing and there is but a dribble threatening to obey gravity. Swallowing his load dutifully, I lap up the remainder on his softening **** and suck lovingly on his balls, before he forces my head away and orders me to go to the kitchen.
On hands and knees, I crawl to the kitchen awkwardly with loud squishes from the diaper obvious. I am never to walk in the house unless instructed otherwise, I have not yet earned that ‘stage’, as Master calls it. Waiting by my dog bowls, Master pours a cold can of stew into my dish and refreshes my water. I lap at it gingerly, and Master gets ready for work while I work on my breakfast. At 8:30, Master lays me on a mat and changes my sodden diaper into a fresh one, after allowing me to **** once more in the back yard. Once inside, he pulls a tight pair of jeans on overtop. Instead of a belt, Master locks the front of my jeans with an actual lock that is looped between the front belt loops, that way, the only way I can relieve myself without wetting myself would be to have the lock in his possession in order to pull the zipper down, as the jeans are too tight to pull down without doing so. The jeans are also tight so as my bladder becomes full, the pain increases. He then pulls a tight black tank top on, which shows off my small, perky **** and hard nipples. With a list of chores waiting on the kitchen table, I am to see him goodbye at the door.
“Behave, pet. If you can finish this week without one accident, you’ll move to the next stage. However, things will get harder. That bowl of water must be finished when I get home at 4. Any capable **** slave of mine has been able to handle 10 ounces of water until I got home in the past. Don’t disappoint me.”
“Yes, Sir”, I reply with dismay, and watch him walk out the door for the day as I have for the 3 months. The day has just begun. Only one year, 7 months to go, I think as I eye the list on the table, then the clock on the wall, and groan.

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What a great story! You are a good writer! I would highly enjoy having a pet to swallow my **** and pleasure my **** every morning. The only thing I'd do different is that I would force her to **** in her bowl and that would be her drink for the day! And it better all be gone when I get back!

i love to help you with this

do explain how :)

i could be your master..
You wake up in the morning with a full bladder. You ask me if you can go pee. I feel your bladder and can tell that there is some room left. we have breakfast and i make you drink an extra water. Your really starting to feel some pressure building up. then I tell you it time to go watch a movie at the theater. you ask if you can pee first. i feel your bladder and can tell your not at your limit yet. i pick out the tightest cloths you have for you to put on. i get you a big pop and tell you it better be gone by the end of the movie. the movie ends i check your pop and it is empty. you ask if you can pee before you leave. i tell you that ill check to see if your full eought when we get home. in the car you cant help but squirm and hold yourself. we get home and i feel your bladder its rock hard. i ask you to take your pants off so i can inspect your panties. you are alarmed because you dont think you can hold it without your hands. i ask you to stand still legs apart as i feel your pantie. as just as i finish inpecting your dry panties you let out a quick squirt of pee. You think i missed this but i didn't. I say fine slave if you must ill let you go. you hobble to the toilet with both hand dug into your ***** because you know not to pee on my floor. You make it to the toilet and start peeing. then you hear me stay stop and look confused. I tell you to cut off your pee i saw that squirt you let out before you were suppose to. so you cut your pee off with a good amount left in your bladder not sure when you will be able to let the rest out.

I act out these kind of things with my boyfriend, but not to this extreme, yet :P I could never live a life ba<x>sed on me being a slave and my boyfriend controlling me; I live a very normal life and its only in the bedroom where these fetishes come out, and stay. Its a purely sexual thing, we act it out because it turns both of us on, but outside of sex, its not a part of our lives. We love eachother immensely, dont have emotional psychological issues driving us to like these things, and both are carrying successful careers and have stable families. Admittedly, my sexual likes are very out of the norm and extremely kinky, and the reason I share them on this site, to understand if what I like is .. well.. normal, or if I should be locked up in a psyche ward! The pressures of society to act and be a certain way are very powerful, and as a 19 year old, even more so. Im sure as I get older I will be aware of them less, and yes, there is more to come, Ive just been very busy with my my university courses theyre draining! Thanks for reading..<br />

Brilliant tale with all the best choices of words to paint the perfect image of slave and owner. Is there to be more to it? The reading is very hot. I'll have to inform my Master of its existence. I'll look elsewhere for your pen. I'm being trained to be the perfect **** ****. I hate everything about it but when I find I've endured the disciplines of the training. I'm doing quite well, my Master tells me. I don't wear a diaper though and have no filthy cage where he would put me when I was horribly bad and in need of severe punishment. Not yet does he have me in these things, anyway. He does mention from time to time, though, he plans to regress me through continued training. He's very diligent about his disciplines, something like the master you speak of in your story. He'll love this story, I'm sure:) Thanks for sharing your inks:)

oh this story is completely made up its not real at all lol

snap, please keep us updated!

wow, def one of the hottest stories on here. i couldnt make it 3 sentences without getting aroused. good job and keep it up. cant wait to hear about the other 19 months