I Need To Be Owned

I am searching for my Master. He must be tall, caucasian, NO BISEXUALS OR BEGINNERS...and ready to own me. In return I am 5'8", long dark hair, green eyes, D cup, very pretty, and extremely ready to please my owner. Prefer in person, full contact but online is OK to start. If you meet my needs and live on the east coast (hopefully mid-atlantic area), pleas email here on this site so that we can begin our journey together. I'll be waiting....
panda4321 panda4321
41-45, F
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Are you still looking?

Please add Me

i would love to own you. But i'm in IL not the east coast sorry

good luck sorry im begginer and probably a bit young or you to. off back to searching.

I'm from another country? (not US at ALL)

The trouble with these approaches is all we know is the girl is female and submissive, nothing about her really. And would she want a man who merely wants anything female and submissive? <br />
<br />
Much as we'd all like to jump to the desired end result, courtship has its role here. Time takes time.

Panda..curious to know if this request worked for you.

I just saw your post. Have you reached your goal? I am in NC. If you still seek, message me

Does this fit?<br />
<br />
<br />
I am an experience, the essence within a sadistic wizard.  I have extensive mental training and hypnosis to bend your mind to match those aching needs and desire. I mold your Self and firm your will to live your life as you dream to live it. My whip's purpose is to shatter your illusions of who you fear you are, molding your mind and body to who you have ached to be but refuse to unfold.<br />
<br />
Your heart aches for purpose. You ache to belong both to a place, a person and a relationship; to have a value far beyond the mundane life you live. When kneeling feels natural, when you ache to serve, write to me.<br />
<br />
I am not here to degrade, deba<x>se or diminish you. I know you might think this is what you seek, but if you look carefully you seek to be free from the petty rules of our churches and governments who seeks to divide and diminish us; make us in-divid-u-als.<br />
<br />
I have studied the mind, body, sexuality and religion my entire life. Being knowledgeable in the body, allows me to push safely and sanely. I am not an autocratic "master", but a complex, kind and loving man. Yes I am in many ways strict and dominant, because this is what serves you. For me the whip is not to punish or inflict pain casually, but to bring both of us into a moment of excitement, aliveness which is within the here and now. I am strict enough to press you upwards in achieving your goals of being an artist and a work of art amongst those who serve.<br />

I am a paradoxical dominant. While I am romantic, charming and tender, I am also cold and calculating. While I am generous, I am demanding and aggressive in getting what I want and achieving the vision you and I aim for.<br />

I love the female body and the submissive woman's heart and soul. I see women like this as works of art in the making and I AM an artist. But I am also a father, confidant, mentor and friend.<br />

It is not enough you can deep throat. You must be able to do this in an elegant manner. It is not enough you can take three men at the same time, but be able move with grace and elegance of a trained dancer, pulling the men into a rhythm, which controls their movements without effort or appearing to be in control. You must also be beautiful for others to watch.
I train women in the Art of Service. Teach them how to be powerful through submission. To use the Power of Pull to serve needs.<br />

I am a sadist. Not an off the wall sadist who reveals in your pain, but the type of sadist who uses the excitement YOU find in pain to fuel excitement in both of us.<br />

I have a deep wide level of knowledge and education, so it is as important you give great brain as well as great head. It is not vital you necessarily be creative. My wife who died 12 years ago, had a very narrowly focused intelligence. We were a rather magical couple.

Do you want to become a work of art? A submissive Love Goddess elegantly displaying your artistic sexual submission? Would you like to have the petty rules which limit your life, sexuality and ability to love in a dynamic way, ******** away and replaced with a training and life which reveal your true desires?<br />
<br />
If you answered yes, write to me NOW.

I'm looking for property. I'm interested in complete control, 24/7 (micromanagement). I am 5'11", brown hair, @225lbs, and in good shape. If you are interested, hit me up at jagkeith@gmail.com

Nortjhern Plains Indian. Need wife , will show all necccesstries.

I might be interested in speaking with you further<br />
but first I'd like to hear more about you and what you're looking for.<br />
<br />
With regard,<br />
<br />

Hi,<br />
<br />
I read your request and am pleased to inform you that I am caucasian and also have green eyes.<br />
I 5'8" 190 lbs, 49 yr old and live in the Mid Atlantic Area. If you are really interested in being owned<br />
e-mail me at rodell631@gmail.com<br />
<br />
Regards,<br />

Good God, you seem very nice and meet my requirment, lol