Never Been Owned

I've never been owned, never had a Master, and never even have had any real bondage/bdsm experiences. Any guy I've dated wasn't into anything like that, but I really want it, really, really, bad. I would love to be an obediant, submissive, and perfect little **** slave for a strong, dominant Master who knows how to punish, yet please a slave.
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I would like to hear from you :)

If only.

Add me..I'll be your mistress

Where you from? I am in cali. 20 male. message me?

We are out there, luv. It's just hard to connect.

The problem here is most of these guys haven't got a clue. The weeding out process to find a good Master is grueling. Ask lots of questions. Make sure before you make a move. Ask others about what they tell you. The mark of a real Master is they want you to get as many opinions as you need. They aren't afraid of you getting advice from someone else. Just bear that in mind when you talk to one and they say you have to break off communication with others while you are trying to understand your potential owner. Trust is when you aren't afraid of someone else having a different opinion. Choose well.

Be careful sister as there is many types of Dominants out there in the world of BDSM as this ones Master is a Sadist He also looks out for this one when this one goes to other Doms to be used and rightfully so. Master is a Sadist yes, but there is much harder Sadists out there that could permanently mark one up. Such Masters see no problem in marking what is theirs. No problems with this one when Master wants to brand this one but this one does not want marks/scars all over her body. One is enough to look upon and take pride in that Master put it there and it is permanent. As for the rest this one would rather see them heal nicely and then Master can re-mark again and again. A clean slate as many would call it. :) Now if you are not a masochist it may be better for you to get your training from a Daddy Dom sort of Dominant that is more likely only to redden your *** and put you over His knee for misbehaviour etc... something this one rarely gets unless Master gives her to a Daddy Dom sort of Dom. Think clearly what you like be it degradation, humiliation, needle play, knife play, branding, wax play, spanking, caning, whipping, servitude etc.... Some Doms will tell you that you must give up everything financial etc... tell them you are not a slave merely a submissive to begin with.<br />
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if u r ready to be an online slave u can contact me @

You are really stepping into uncharted territory for you. You would have to approach this in the same manner you would select a BF. Take your time, and make sure you talk to many. I am not looking at this time, so if you want to talk, I would be happy to talk to you and give you guidance. If you do, let me know and I will give you an email address.

Keep looking - I am sure MANY dominant men would want you - be sure to find the right one you can trust.

You will get hundreds of comments on this story. If you truly want a Master, contact me.

Being a slave means your Master completely owns you. If I owned you, I would micro-manage your life. I would make all your choices each day-when you eat, what you eat, what you wear, when you bathe, when you pee, when you poop, when you sleep. I would tease, torture, and punish you as I see fit. Is this what you want?