Strong Master

I am a master who is looking for a submissive girl who wants to be trained and taught how to act. I want a girl who only lives for me and nothing else. I will audition slaves and so if u sound like this type. Send me mail
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13 Responses Nov 14, 2011

I need a master

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if you're seeking for a master and slave site then better search the keyword "Master and slave dating" i did it already and found this blog very useful that i have found my Master alreadycheck it out goodluck!!!

Master I want to be your little **** too.

i am 26/f in search of a longterm master. i am willing to be taught how to meet ur needs
and wants

I've never done this does that matter

What are you looking for? A newbie sub or a newbie slave?

may i be urs

i want to be trained ;)

i want to be trained

I want to be trained.

I want to be trained.

how would you audition them?

On America's Got Talent, what else? LOL