Me For You & You For Me

If you are looking for your “*****”, “****”, “*****”, “cow”, or “daughter”, I am not for you. If you are looking for a partner to walk beside you in public and a submissive in the bedroom, please continue reading.

I am totally, completely submissive in the bedroom, but I am very strong minded. I will follow your orders in the bedroom (gladly) and out as long as I respect you. I need praise to feel happy. Maybe I should really say acceptance? I need to know I did something the way you wanted it done or better. I like making someone happy.

The only thing I have experienced is books. I read all the time hoping that something, somewhere would explain what it is that I have been longing for. Truthfully, only recently did I find an answer and knowing there is a hope of completion and fulfillment is such a relief.

So, what do I wish for? I wish to find a Master/Dom that is strong but kind; demanding but tolerant of my foibles (asphyxiation is mean and it scares me); willing to explore how far we can go without abusing my ignorance.

I miss the simple touches, but I have been pushing adult males away for a long time. I am tired of trying to be the strong one in the relationship when I now know that is NOT WHO I AM!!! It is partly my fault, I am in the military and they see the uniform and think I must want to be dominant. Not outside of work.

I do not know the true differences in a Master, Dom, Gorean Man, or a Taken in Hand relationship. I have read on the internet but the true differences elude me. I want someone I can have a conversation with. I absolutely do not want an abusive biker or controlling DR. A natural Alpha, yes?
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I wish I could be your master. But we aren't in the same neck of the woods. Strong secure men aren't all like the glamourous Alpha males you read about in fantasy fiction. Many modern men are willing in this day and age to admit they have weaknesses and doubts. Many want strong supportive woman as well. Find a stable man and encourage his Alpha dominant side and be thankful for his understanding and empathy. I have my own weaknesses but I don't need to dominate people to prove myself to myself or others. I do it through sharing and trust and mutual understanding of what and why my sub ticks the way she does. And like all
relationships misunderstandings and differences occur and relationships move on. Hopefully we all learn something.

Did you find your guy? I believe that I've found 'the one' I've been looking for all my life. It was like finding a needle in a haystack. I too had submissive men who expected me to lead which I grew tired of, so I understand. Don't give up. If you want to hear my story, message me. Good luck in your search.

No, I have not found "the one". I refuse to get into another relationship that is all wrong for me. Ergo, I am very lonely and frustrated. How did you find Him?

I'm sorry that you're lonely. I'm very lucky. Amazingly, I found him online. He's truly an alpha man. I'm his ***** in the bedroom, and his queen outside of it, but recently, he added queen treatment to the bedroom...I think I'm truly in love. He really understands me. I truly hope you find the right man for you...Keep searching, and never give up hope.

You are not Dom unless your sub gives you the gift of her submission. A true submissive has complete faith and trust in her Dom. If the Dom has that, then the sub will do as he wishes when he wishes and how he wishes. Not just in the Bedroom. A true Dom/sub relationship is truely that. The Dom has the sub's best interest and needs at the forefront of his actions. It is true she is there to please her Dom, but at the same time the Dom sees to her needs and desires. There is not much difference in the relationship from an non Dom/sub relationship, except the gift given by the sub. If you are still interested in finding someone, then contact me.

You might read this essay by Polly Peachum....Qualities of a Successful Dominate<br />
it's quite informative for inexperienced submissives

Thank you. It has a LOT of information. I bookmarked it to re-read so I can understand it better. :-)

still hunting pet?

Only until I find you.

you are a delight in my day gg