Not Looking For A Master For I Am Looking For A Slave

While all of those who have joined this group are out there looking for a master. I am on the opposite side of things i'm not looking for a master im looking for a slave or pet depending on your view of things. Im a strong master with a real will for taken control and teaching the rules i set forth for you. I am also however caring I will listen you as my slave or pet and make sure your basic needs are met. I take pride in being able to be strong but fair. I have a list of rules you will be required to follow and if you break them or try and make a compromise i will know you are not for me and i ill find someone else. my goal is to find someone who wants all of there decision to be made by another. Ifyou see yourself as this type of person please message me so i can see if you are worthy of my special attention.   
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

Where you located

i thought i had found not experianced..he confuses me...or i confuse myself..perhaps i could gain pashents if you..were to chat with loyal...just dont feel conected..but i am inocent of how to behave..hope this is not out of line..