Looking For A Master

Yes, I am a slave, I enjoy being a slave becauce I do what I am told with a smile. I have a Master now, but he is more like a friend who gives me a place to stay. I want a Master who will treat me as a slave, put me in bondage, and use my a** and mouth often, if not by my master then by his friends. Keep me in Diapers,put me in a c*** chasity which will stay on 24/7 casterate me if Master want to, My Body is 100%  my Masters, to do what ever is needed. take my freedom and rights away Master can rename me as he wish. Be MY MASTER AND I WILL SERVE YOU WELL.  Come and pick my up. Blindfold me and never tell me where You are taking me to be your slave. Does not matter location.. I will be there only for my Master.
slavebobbie slavebobbie
70+, M
Jan 16, 2013