Looking For A Young Online Master

I am currently looking for a fairly young master or daddy. I am very new to this and a bit timid to the harsh consequences that a master gives out. I need someone who can be gentle with me as i learn the rules, and not send me running for the hills.I need someone who can accept me for who i am and love me. I would love doing nothing more than pleasing them when i am not working. And enjoying them owning,protecting, loving, and caring for me. Also i would love being collared. I am an 18 year old female with blue eyes and long curly brown hair and i am 5'7 in height. Also i am chubby
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18-21, F
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Are you still looking for a master?

Still looking?

Hey gorgeous I'm young and would love to be your master! And does your name have anything to do with something sexual you do;)?

Hi let's chat

I was browsing the lovely interwebs today and somehow came to view your post about wanting a gentle master. I am unsure how it even came to be as I was not looking for anything like that, but it has caught my interest. I would be interested in speaking to you a little more, however if the position of a "gentle master" has already been filled I will understand you not responding as to not upset him or her. I look forward to a response if possible <3

if your still looking for a master i can be him

i would love to be your master still

if your ready to begin your journey then contact me and we can begin

i would love to be your online master and help you learn. You are cute though

I would love taking time on you, letting you grow, and fill into your role....we can start slow as long as you know the progression and your place ;) would def not want a beauty like you "running for the hills" ;)


i read your story about wanting a master and i was intruiged.
i am a kind but strict master, so far ive made my slaves feeling wanted, safe, i love to take care of my slaves.

i am a 19 year old male, kind of chubby myself, medium lengh brown hair, brown/green eyes, i am 173cm (im from denmark so i dont really know the measurements)

msg me if you might be interested or have any questions, i am very open so will answer pretty much any question you may have.

May I be come your on line daddy to you

The choice is your prefrence but the older masters are the ones with all of the wisdom just saying... If you want to chat add me and we will if not good luck with your search.

Hey there,
You need a young online daddy. I need a young online *****. I fit your bill completely and you fit mine. You won't find a younger daddy than me on this site. And yes, I'll be gentle with you...provided you do what I say.
Are we ready then?

It would be my pleasure to be your master. Add me so we can talk.