I've been an online slave a couple of times about two years ago but now I want to be someone's real life slave.
I am in college and I'm working so I hope the Master that wishes for me will be understanding.
Unfortunately I don't have my own place and live with the rentals. I do plan on moving out though but not anytime soon. v.v; I'm sorry about being difficult but I want to be able to help my Master if he and I are together for a long time. If any questions go ahead and ask I'll answer them.
LeonaFair LeonaFair
26-30, F
1 Response Apr 10, 2014

Being an online 'slave' is very different than living the real thing. You might want to get some real-life experience of serving a man's needs before assuming it is a life that will satisfy you.

Whereabouts do you live and do you have any thoughts about the kind of man who would own you?