I was telling my owner about some of the guys who have contacted me and some of the things they had said. I admit that some are just flakes, some are rude, but for the most part a lot of them are real doms and masters. Some have little or no experience which is fine because that comes with time. Like anything you learn. Most are sincere and polite and are really trying to find subs and slaves and would gladly take one if they could find one.
My owner kind of laughed and told me He wanted me to read a few things. He opened His EP and let me read the things girls and women had said and then showed me conversations where these supposed subs and slaves had talked all this big game and then just disappeared! Are you kidding? I looked at some profiles and read some of the stories. I was really surprised just how many are living in their minds and are scared to death of reality! They are just fakes and liars who do no more than waste time. Really? Why not just say it is all a dream? Why present yourself as something real when you are not? And to say you are a slave but you will only serve a man with a huge bank account and a pink Corvette is a joke.
I almost wonder if I am the only real slave here out of all these thousands. Yes, I know I am not the only one! But, where is the other one?
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I am a true strict experience dominant man, I am looking for ladies to be owned and who have plenty of toys to be used on them. any questions?