Hi I'm kitten! I'm 19 and I have been a slave for awhile I wish to find a master who can break me and take me in.teach me things ,concert and care for me.i take this life seriously so please don't msg me just for sex! I'm pleased to meet you and hope I can find someone who fits me. I'm child like also nya!
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My master wants a girl like you pm me

Lovely to see your pic hun . . I have tried to comment seriously on your other stories . . . hope my comments have helped and comforted you. I know you don't want msging just for sex, but I really do want you to know you are a beautiful and incredibly sexy girl (from your profile pic and the pic above anyway) and whilst I don't wanna push it I do have to say that you can be assertive and confident . . people will respect you and still admire your beauty

add me on yahoo at totalltim2 and we can chat and go from there

Would love to teach and train you but I would not like you broken,it takes all the fun out of owning you.

have you found already a Master that fit for you...? I'm an experienced Master looking for a long term training with a novice that need to be advised and cared. I will wait a message from you.

Really pretty eyes and bful hair ! Look forward to being your master

Excuse me, what?

You have pretty eyes. I will consider helping you in return for your help.

Thank you sure what do you wish for.

Message me and we will discuss it.

what do you know of the lifestyle?

Well it's not just about sex it's about care and care on both ends.its so much more...idk how to explain it I'm bad at explaining things loll .nya