My One Wish In Life

My one wish in life isn't to have an endless supply of money, but...a mother.

I want a mother who loves to be around me, who is interested in my and what I do.
She is kind to me and loves me so much that she would give the world for me.
When I'm sad, she doesn't ignore me, she comforts me and makes me feel better.
She wipes my tears, cuddles me and rubs my back also. 
I want a mother who would be a person who I could come to any time for support and love.
She would, to the best of her ability help me with any problem that I come to her with.
I want to lay my head on her lap while she runs her fingers through my hair and will talk or either just hum a calming tune.
I would love to just snuggle her in bed with me.

mira20 mira20
May 15, 2012