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There has to be a peaceful place to live somewhere out there. I cannot tolerate the urban jungle any longer!  People live to work to be what they call "successful" but it just means showing off wealth with a crazy accumulation of material things. That is far from my goal!!  I cannot stand the angry, crowded suburbia living anymore.  Is there a smaller town that is safe and actually has nature close by to enjoy?  A town with 4 seasons, in which I could grow a garden and own a house with more than 3 feet to the next "yard"?  It seems like my dream is unrealistic in the U.S.  and I don't speak any other language so I cannot fathom leaving the U.S.

West seems either too overcast or not fertile enough for a garden.  East seems too overcast and buggy and midwest seems too flat and boring.  South of course doesn't have 4 seasons. North is extreme. Midwest too flat.

I will keep searching..... There must be a town more peaceful than this!

Update:  I have found a place with balance.  I have been always looking at places with extremes- extreme beauty had extreme vacationers, etc.  It will sound funny- but I have ended my search with Wisconsin.  I just found out that the southwestern area is actually not flat- it wasn't covered in glaciers, so now it is covered with pretty bluffs, valleys and trees all over near the Mississippi.  It seems quiet, not touristy, not too urban.  My husband and I found a townhouse to rent and are moving in a couple weeks.  It doesn't have the extreme mountains- but I think it has what we need- fertile, hilly, treed land to live a more simple, peaceful life.  I pray that this is a good decision.  It seems to be a good choice.  We will give it a shot- you can't know unless you try!

Update:  we are miserable here and are researching our next move!  Sure on the surface it is pretty as far as scenery, and calmer pace, but people here hate change and are not interested in anyone with differing views and oh- a biggy- hate people from IL- they actually call us FIB  which I found out means @#$ IL Bas----s  nice huh?  Talk about not belonging...  We need to move somewhere where there are other transplants, with people who have different ideas and aren't stuck in their old ways generation after generation....  The search is back on.....

update:  We are now in Northern Idaho! Wow!!  Totally what I was talking about at the start of this story!  It is so beautiful here. Very peaceful scenery. Nature all around.  Lake surrounded by mountains. The sunsets are amazing. Now I know what purple mountains majesty means!! Just spectacular. 

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I love that fable you shared!! I feel like everyone around this uguly city is searching for the biggest fish to get rich and I would just like to sit on the shore actually just peacefully watching the fish swim in the lake! I need to find that lake!! I will have to find out more about British Columbia!

You story reminds me of a story/fable i once heard. An executive goes on vacation to a small town, where he meets a man who spends his day fishing, and catches just enough to support him and his family. He tells the man that he could expand his fishing business and make more money. The fisherman asks him, "then what?" The executive replies that he could start a cooperation, and run the cooperation in order to make millions. "Then what?" the fisherman asks. Then you can retire to a small village and spend your days fishing, catching just enough to feed you and your family. <br />
You are right, material things and money isn't everything. I hope you can find a way to live the life you want to.