Where Are You?

I understand I'm young, and boys only cause problems. But I don't just want a boyfriend, I want a best friend that will be there for me, someone who knows my every mood, my secerts and will listen to me even though they don't care. With some of my friends having boyfriends and see how happy they are, and what i'm missing out on. I know i'm ready. I just need that perfect guy.
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18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Don't rush. There is no perfect guy. There will be someone who is wonderful (but not perfect) for you. I hope you find him soon.

I get that...in the same boat (except with girls)

Hang in there. I know the exact feelings you're talking about, but don't feel the need to rush anything. You have plenty of time. Focus on making your life a good one all by yourself first. Your time will come. :) *hugz*