Looking For A Male Pee Friend (online Only At First)

Hi. I'm a 21-year-old straight female living in California. I'm looking for a male pee friend (online only at first) around my age range (18-25). I'm willing to get desperate and **** myself only if he is willing to do the same. Give and take, you know? ;) I don't want to meet in person or show my face right away, but I'm great with writing details over any kind of chat, and I have no problem taking pictures or recording myself from the waist-down when I'm desperate and/or ******* myself. If I like you, who knows? We might work up to meeting in person or showing my face. :) Just to be up front, I'm not into having sex or getting naked with anyone, but anything else goes, as long as I'm clothed. I won't ask you to do anything I'm not willing to do. I'm not interested in doing anything with females, sorry. Comment here if you are interested! :)
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18-21, F
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I wish

That sounds great. I'm definitely interested =) Message me sometime. I do Kik, and skype, and could try something else if you preferred.
You sound like a great pee-partner, and I'd really like to get to know you and hold with you. I've always wanted to meet another one of us in person.
I'm a guy, 18 yrs

Hey there, I'm 20 and live in England, definitely up for some chat! PM me if you're interested, I have Kik but I can get others :-)

I will do that (:

hey, i'm 22! this sounds awesome to me haha messge me! :)

I'd be interested but I don't have a cam and I live in Virginia

I'll be your pee friend

You are the exact kind of person I've been looking for. If you're interested (And if the offer still stands), I'd love to talk sometime! :)

Hi... i would love to hold with you... i have yahoo if you want to give it a shot?

I'd love to chat with you about this, peegirl, add me on here and we can share stories/facebook, whatever B-)

I've got fb too

I'm interested. add me as a friend and I'll pm my yahoo and facebook to you

That is so awesome!! ITs so amazing that you have a pee fetish! Its so hard to find girls with a pee fetish!! i wish i lived near you because i would love to be your friend. But i live in florida...

Feel free to contact me, I'm in California right now enjoying my AC! Although I'm a gay, but a fun gay to talk to talk to!

I would love to do this with u :). Add me

Hey, let me know when you would like to chat. I have a yahoo, Facebook, and Skype (but I don't have a webcam). On the Skype, we can start by IMing, if you like. Wanna have a holding competition?

Anytime is fine with me.

how has this not already been flooded with coments and requests?