Stealth Nursing

My wife and I had been married about 18 years and still enjoying a healthy sex life. Our youngest son was now 16, My wife breast feed him for a year and a half before he went to day care. She always shared her milk with me anytime..... to my delight. Eventually she no longer wanted to be wet and withheld her milk from me until she dried up. I am also lucky that my wife loves breast play and she has plenty to play with; carrying a beautiful 40gg bosom, with "tawny" nipples and nice large areola.

I had been reading (yes, I like to read) and came across a discussion on adult nursing relationships and inducing lactation in older women. My wife was 45 at the time. The article said that as little as 20 minutes of suckling a night could induce lactation. So, I decided "what the hell" sounds like a good project to me. I had mentioned this topic to her but she was clearly not interested. But then, she loves for me to be at her breast almost as much a I love to at her breasts, besides we were making love every night anyway. She loves being on top and having me suck on her breasts. After, about 2 weeks I thought I could taste something from her left breast. This happened 3 nights in a row and then we doing what we both love, when she mounted me, I began to suckle her breasts. Wow, I got a mouthful of milk from her left breast, it was amazing, just like before. I was so pleased with myself, but I couldn't tell if she could feel any different or not. She seemed to really be enjoying the breast more than ever, but she didn't seem to know what was going on.

Finally, I couldn't keep the secret any longer, she didn't't believe me at first. Then I guess she must have because for a week she would only let me have her breasts for a moment or two, If she felt her milk coming in she would make me stop..... I was devastated, but she said she didn't't wan't to be a 45 year old professional woman with milk dripping from her boobs.... Oh well it was fun while it lasted, by the way it really works. I tried it.

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I wish my husband was willing to do that!

I am interested in lactating again as I nursed my kids after birth . It's nice to know that with a little work I can again.


You need milk but she can't afford to have it in her breasts. So you must respect her n be satisfied with just breast play n not suck milk and relactate her. Enjoy...