Happily Married Couple Seeking Another Woman To Join Relationship

I know polygamy can be a heated topic, and in our family it's an exciting one. My husband and I are looking to do just this. Add a second wife to our already perfect marriage. We have 2 small children and can not have anymore. Finding a lady who already has small children would be ideal. I am sure our family would not understand but it is somethIng we feel in our hearts is the right thing to do. Anyone else agree? I just hope my husband finds that special lady soon, I am just so excited to meet her!
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4 Responses Jan 9, 2011

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That's really great! We'd like the same thing. Did you ever find the right girl?

i would love to get to know you....see if i can be that woman you sound aweosme...down to earth...realistic and compassionate..i am interested in seeing if i could be her...how lucky would i be? i have email save7lives@yahoo.com

To add to this story, I guess having a companion to share duties and responsibilities is important too. I only have 2 young kids, but we have a large home and since my husband is in the military it can get quite lonely. He doesnt plan on staying in however and we will most likey move from Colorado in the next couple of years. We really would like to find a lady that is happy with taking on our children or has a few of her own to add to our family. My husband is a very responsible man who is very thoughtful and sensitive. Having another wife to share all the love he has really will make us complete. We are not "looking" really hard we are just hoping she will find us, however I want to speed up the process.. does anyone have any ideas on how to meet such a wonderful lady?