Looking In The 206....

I'm a fun, bright, occasionally funny guy looking for a friend and playmate in the Pac NW. I'm a former Massage therapist and have not forgotten the technique, and I'm a current RN so I can tell you what to do to feel better. *grin* 'Course, I know a little about making you feel better outside of my profession, as well.

You don't have to be the prettiest boy on your block for me to be interested...or even the prettiest boy in your house. I am attracted to warm, kind, intelligent men who have an interest in other people's welfare, not just their own. If you go over to "10 Things I Want In A Lover," you'll find my list. That's for a boyfriend, and the necessaries for a buddy are different than they are for a boyfriend, but I think it will give you a general idea of what i'm about.

In case you're wondering about my proclivities, I believe that oral sex is an artform, and I do everything I can to be a master of the art. I tend to be a top, if it comes to that kind of thing.


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5 Responses Jul 23, 2010

Awww! Thanks for your kind comment. I hope you're right... I started talking to a very nice man lately, but he sent me an ad for a 'work at home' scheme, and I haven't heard from him since. I just stay busy and don't let things bother me much.

Quite... denizen of the great city of Seattle.

So, you are on the pac nw coast of ameica, then. Like the State of Washington, Oregon, right?

Um...no, but in some ways I wish it were. I have a little fascination with Wales... One of my dream vacations is to go hiking through the country.

A man after my own heart! i hope you are close? But, I don't think you are? Is it Pac, North Wales?