Best Friends

It was years ago but my best friend and I went out for a night on the town. The wife was out of town and I needed a night out. Well we hit the bars and night clubs, trying to pick up women, but no luck. Well we went back to my place played some music and had a few more beers. Well I said I'm going to bed, went upstairs to sleep. About 15 min later I feel him jump into bed with me. I say what the **** you doing. He said I wanted to do this for a long time and proceeded to go down on me. He took my flaccid **** in his mouth and started licking and sucking. Paying close attention to my knob. I was in shock. I didn't know weather to **** or go blind. But after a few more minutes of him licking my balls and striking my shaft I ran with it. My **** started to grow and grow until it was standing at attention. 7 inches of throbbing **** in his sweet mouth. He stroked the shaft up and down licking and taking my balls into his mouth one at a time. I was going nuts and he knew it. He stopped for a second and said don't worry just let your *** spurt in my mouth. After he said that I couldn't hold back I unleashed a pentup load of ***** deep into the back of his throat . I must have shot ten spurts into his sucking mouth till I finally stopped *******. He licked me clean and moved up to me and said that that was the sweetest *** he had ever tasted. I said your welcome. Now I will leave you to imagine what happened next. If you would like to know . Let me know because there are three more parts to this story.
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Very Hot

Thanks. New story part 3 up and coming

you a real **** teaser....

See best friends pt. 2

tell me more yumm


Heck yes! I would really, REALLY want to know about what you've been UP to!

Say in the meantime can you let your friends know about it as I am new and don't yet know how to get friends.

I will tonight. Unfortunately I'm winterizing my camper right now but stay tuned

Please tell us more of the story it is a great story

I will tonight: Patience is a virtue

Tell us more!