There's Not alot of Guys out there with These IMPORTANT THings Haha
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Most of the really good looking guys are hardcore jerks! Like "TheTardyDodo" and "GarysGirl" said, most of the sweet, attentive, caring guys are the ones that aren't so attractive. I've searched long and hard for an attractive, sweet, attentive, caring guy. I've come to a conclusion; men like that don't exist! I take that back. I guess a few are still wandering around somewhere, but their a rare breed. For instance, I dated this one guy for a month. I'll openly admit that he wasn't very attractive. He wasn't my type either. However, he was very sweet, attentive, and caring. He wasn't very funny though, which I hated. I love like, Dane Cook goofiness in a guy. Anyway, he was the ideal guy. He sent me expensive flowers, randomly called me all the time, surprised me with gifts (like an iPod), stayed up all night talking to me, took me out often, bought my favorite foods so I had something to eat at his house, cooked me a Valentines Day dinner, and so much other stuff! The problem was simple. I went out with him hoping that I would develop some sort of physical attraction. After a while, I couldn't even kiss him without a drink in me. Yea, that was a huge, huge problem! I broke it off after a month. I started talking to my ex boyfriend again. We had gone out for two years, broke up for seven months (without communicating what-so-ever), and now we're back together! He's very, very attractive! He has many good qualities like, a good sense of humor, good morals, and...uhm. Haha, I can't think of anything else! That's sad. He's not attentive, he hardly does anything special for me, he rarely takes me out, and he's in love with his friends. Why am I with him? Well, I figure I will be able to train him like a dog. He's not far from being perfect. You just wait! Bahaha...

Look at the guys who you overlooked before. The short, balding types. The good looking guys are usually superfical. The "average" guys try harder and are usually better catches. <br />
<br />
I don't mean to sound egotistical, but I am a beautiful woman who was married to one of the good looking, financially successful types and treated badly and very unhappy. Somehow, I got lucky or smarter and started seeing a short, balding, quiet, Christian man. Turned out to be my soul mate and I have never ever been happier. So, look at the ones you would usually not bother looking at. Your one and only may be in this group!

Actually, there is an enormous number of us out there, we're just not very masculine. So it's rare that anyone is *attracted* to sweet, caring, funny guys. :P