My Pool of Potentials Needs a Cleaning...

I go to a small school (500 kids in grades K through 12) and love it. The community is very supportive and I feel challenged there. But oh my gosh, it sucks to be looking for a new guy. Everyone knows everyone and the pool of potentials is sadly shallow. I am involved in the drama and art programs at school, but not a whole lot outside it... like a shorts team or work or something, so I don't meet many cool people. I am taking classes at a place called the King Career Center this summer with the thought that I would find somebody sweet, funny, and caring. Yeah right.
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You may not realize it, but you are getting a huge advantage at the small school. The guys right now are more your brothers than your pursuers who want to get into your pants. That gives you a chance to know guys at a deeper level than you would with guys that are all about getting laid. I know you will want some of that too, but take advantage of what is there now. You can push a lot more limits with these guys than you would be able to in other settings. Doesn't seem cool now, but as others have said, when you get to college you will be ahead.

hey kiddo I went to a school with only 1000 kids k3 - 12. So i know exactly what you mean when you say you know everyone. I dont know about you but i have had one friend in particular since i was 5. I feel like that relationship exists cause we both were "lifers" at this school. One thing that you have to do is go out to sporting events or to the mall or even to other schools sporting events with a friend of course and just mingle with everyone. You're only gonna know as many people as you allow yourself to know. Try, for that is all we as people can do.

huzzah! i totally agree with the comment above.<br />
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do not give up. i totally went through the exact same thought process as you.<br />
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it will happen.<br />
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You may not have many boyfriend options, but you have a great support system. College will open up more doors, and even just making friends with the people from the class you are taking may introduce you to the type of person you want to meet.