I Don't Use My Birth Language On Ep

I really wish to find a people for friendship who's speak french and shared a gentle mind like me. I think i've stand up, on my mind like child because i'm too much sensible (I wasn't born in the good century). I really still get a persons, from Canada (Quebec or near). I look for the comments of my stories yesterday and I found a comment of a girl leaving in Ontario, I were relly glad to mail her but it's not easy for me to understand how is functioning the EP domain, I wish to do something but it false at 80 percents ! At the 20th of febuary, a girl wrote me that she having a big difficulties at college, I maked a mistake and I deleted his message ! What's a real pity ! ! If she see this story, I really wish she mail me again !

sadlifeman sadlifeman
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2 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Salut ! Je parle Fran├žais mais Je ne suis pas Fran├žaise :)<br />
Je m'appelle Sayoko et Je suis Japonaise, Chinoise, et Thailandaise > < ~

bonjour, comment allez-vous aujourd'hui ?