Woman Wanted For 3some

hi i`v been married for the past 5yrs been together 10,we have a fantastic sex life into everything together,but have never done a 3some with another woman,i`v had multiple partners before my husband,and i`am his first so i would like to find a woman to please him and me as i`am bi-curious,have kissed other women,but want to experience further,have hunted everywhere i can think of,if anyone can suggest anything then please let me know,really want to do this.x

sweetnnaughty sweetnnaughty
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Wife looking for two nice looking women for husband 51 need love and fun part I can not do it sex and drinking .he is veary handsome nice love to party

try lez or bi girl chatting sites http://chat-avenue.com/
try online dating xdating.com, http://www.milfshookup.com/
go to local coffee places, bars and clubs that have bi or lez girls
go to ***** clubs, ***** clubs are known to have a few to many bi girls and sometimes single

go to clubs or bars you mite meet someon that likes the same things

Google "swinglifestyle".