Want Another Outlet.

My sex life with the missus has diminished for a while now. She always wants it when we are both exhausted. I like the thrill of a new body. I don't know what that means, but it is what I crave.

I have had online "affairs" with webcams and emails, but never in person. I have had amazing releases with the online stuff, so I can only imagine how good the release would be in person.

I am too curious and far down the rabbit hole to let go of the desire.
Captcool Captcool
31-35, M
2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

I see you're one of those guys...Let me guess, for you, marriage is just a pice of paper. Why the heck did you get married in the first place?
I'm sure that when she decides to leave you, and I am almost sure she will once she finds out what you do, she'll find a guy who respects her enough to keep his d*** in his pants.

hi,im a girl having an affair with a married man since 4 years ,for him its was only sex but for me,it was my first love and i became so involved that i became obssessed with him ,i would call him 10-15 times per day and fight with him why he didnt txt me or call me back,that he wasnt giving me enough attention and he should talk to me.i was over possessive and i was crazy and told him lots of crazy things .i became mad.really mad.and i was making his life hell.now its better ,im not that possessive and we still txt but im much better.
if u want to have an affair,i wont advise u,rather work on ur relationship, make it better ,if need be,look for counselling coz if u will get involved with a woman,think before ,if she gets emotionally attached to u,will u be able to file a divorce and live with her or just leave her and break her heart and soul.