A Lady From Work

,at work yesterday ,a lady said she wants to spank me ,she is a spanish woman sitting there with two others when she said it ,the other two laughed , they all where spanish speaking spanish, today May 10th ,i am going to confort her more about it ,saying if she does want too ,she can but it must be bare and hard with a paddle or brush ,with soap in my mouth with corner time, and then find out when she wants to do it if she is serious about it . I will be 55 in 3 weeks if she wants to give me my birthday spanks ,lol

sissy dave
will let you know what happens and post pictures when and if it does happen.
sissydave53 sissydave53
51-55, M
2 Responses May 10, 2012

She could spank but by hand over her knees

I agree!

have not recieced it yet,sorry