18 Year Old Diaper Girl Fun!

Hello all. My name is Lauren. Basically, I'm a 18 year old girl who has loved wearing diapers for as long as i can remember. I have no reason why I love it so much, im sure there is one, but honestly I don't care. I Love acting like a baby. I mess, I pee, and I love sitting in it. I am NOT a transgender, and transgender ppl annoy me because they make guys very nervous about AB/DL women. I am bi. I do like diapers, but they are sexual as well as a lifestyle. I am Looking for a mommy/daddy, as well as a babygirl/babyboy. If I had to describe my dream relationship, it would be where i act like the baby sometimes, although always wearing diapers, and then being the mom as well sometimes to my partner. If you are only looking for a mommy then I am not your girl. If you are only looking for a babygirl then i still am your girl. I would enjoy being a baby 24/7 except for when i am with recording company. Since music is my profession, i won't be willing to give up my job. I'm a diaper lover, not an adult baby. HOWEVER, I do enjoy the Adult baby aspect, however if there isnt a diaper involved, it does nothing to me. I am very open to discussions. If you want to reach me, my email is *DISCLAIMER* IF YOU SEND ME AN EMAIL, I WANT A LONG ONE. A DEscriptIVE ONE. No short ones that waste my time. I also enjoy talking on aim, my sn is mywetdiaper. Message me on here as well. I love role-playing. So if you would like to get off, or make me go crazy let me know. BUT YOU NEED TO BE GOOOOD AT IT. Because I don't like my time wasted. I like squishy poopy diapers, I write music,I play guitar, piano, violin and am going to school for music. Willing to relocate on weekends and if the relationship turns out well, will relocate permanently. THIS A SERIOUS AD!!!
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I live in orland park IL. I am an ab boy and am 18 looking for a baby girl to be with. I LOVE CHANGING DIAPERS, and will make you happy. feel free to email me armed,forces@hotmail.com

would you accept a boy willing to be a baby girl pampers boy