I Miss That Bond.

I used to have ANR with my former boyfriend.
He used to dry suckle from me every chance he could get and I loved it.
I miss that special bond it created between us and would love to find someone in San Diego who understands how important that kind of relationship is to me.
kmlolly1 kmlolly1
41-45, F
6 Responses May 22, 2012

wud u like to try with somebody else ?

Are you still looking for that special kind of bond? I have written to you a few times before, but you never answer me back?

im also in the SD area. if interested email is mikerose619 @yahoo .com.<br />
im 28, clean cut, white and in great shape.

what part of san diego?

Miramar/UTC area.


LOL, why is that interesting?
Are you male or female?

female. i'm close to downtown.

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Hello Are you still looking for ANR partner? if so do reply back @ rightguy70@gmail.com and maybe we can chat about this.

I also miss that special bond and closeness!!!!!!!! Are you willing to discuss this further?????? You can reach me at (760) 238-6010

Hello! I live in the carlsbad area. I am an experienced suckler, and I am looking for a dry suckling partner. Would you be interested??????

send me an e-mail.

hello. I was wondering if you were still looking for a suckling partner?