They Are Out There....but You Must Become One Yourself In Order To Recognize The "others"

In a relationship this would be the ultimate achievement...most of us don't ever get there. However it is still possible to continue to reach for perfection providing two people are one board. Honesty...with the possibility the other person may be hurt is always difficult. If two people have the understanding that the other is giving them the gift of honesty, knowing it may cause pain to the other, yet still keeping the promise of honesty, then trust is born. We all search for someone we can rely on. Honesty and Trust create Integrity.... These things are earned. No one is born with all the endearing qualities a partner searches for. We gain, earn them through living life. Life is easier, worth living when you share your honesty, trust and integrity with others. Some day I will find that person to share my life with.
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What a beautiful thingto write..