Suck Both Nipples Together..

I love Adult Nursing Relationship.  I have not been lucky to experience wet nursing so far.  When I am nursing I always start by massaging my partners boobs with my face.  I rub my eyes, nose, ears, lips,cheeks on her boobs for a long time.  I love to massage my eyes with her nipples.  After 5 or 10 minutes of massaging I take one nipple at a time in to my mouth.  I lie down facing her most of the time and start Suckling on the nipples for about 10 minutes each.  Then I lift the breast closer to the bed so that the nipple comes closer to the other.  When they both are next to each other I take both the nipples in to my mouth it is wonderful to suckle on them at a time.  You can try it too.  It feels really great ...Frank.       

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oh my god this is my dream

If you ever come to South India do let me know and I will make your dreams come true. That is a promise. Not only this I can do so many mind blowing things with the boobs and nipples. Do remember to drop a line... Frank.

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I will surely help you fulfill this experience, you have the answer in you name, I will suck ONE nipple ( right one) first and the other ONE ( left one ) to suck next. I will bring them both together and suck both seven times longer to take you to the heavens...sure enough you will experience the heavens... Frank...

hey if im in california would you help me fuflfill the experience sumtime

Very hot!

I am delighted that you like it Shaine...if I come to California I will contact you and you can invite me over for two or three days of continuous dry breast feeding to start with and I am sure it will end up with lots of milk flowing from your nipples by the end of the third day...then it will be thrilling for both of us....soooooo shweeeeet.........of you....

yes that would br nice

Hi Shiane,<br />
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It is unfortunate that I am living so far away from you...send me pics of your boobs..and I will lick the you want my pics..?? Frank...

You can suck on my breasts any time you want. If you live in california. I am using a breast pump to start the milk but so far just a little drops.