Nude Camping W/be Great

I have been to several Caribbean resorts that offer nude or topless beaches. years ago, I spent a week at Sunny Trails - a nudist resort here in BC and of course I do go to Wreck and otehr nude beaches when I can.  And yes, I 've been to a few festivals where things have gone wild and crazy "en mass".

It would be awesome to have a clothing optional campground here in BC. Preferrably in the Interior where it is warm & dry all summer. Having to put clothes on as soon as the sun goes down is no fun.   

SallyForth SallyForth
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7 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Sure great to hear from you again Sally. I would just like to find a campground that is reliably C. O. in the interior or anywhere in the west even.<br />
Love the thrill of maybe seeing the campers next to us or around us maybe not wearing anything. Any idea what is the most liberal campground you have stayed at?

Yes please do Hedo...we all need to vent...some of us have to be the pioneers...then the rest will follow when we find a good spot once we put the word out. We should use this group as an info spot to share what we find. Even your find was worth sharing...if we share everything who knows what could break out for us? Nudists can get desperate to share and see others. I hope somebody finds something for us all in BC..good luck

across the old trestle & downstream

Looking at a map now which side of the camp is the nude area near the railway tracks or at the other end? I would like to camp as close to it as possible

So you have been there? Any ideas or stories? Thanks

Kettle River Prov camp ground. There are several river pools and a meadow where nude is unofficial but common. The campground itself is very textile oriented.

Well if you do find any please let me know. We are dying to find some freedom come summer time and somehow just getting to BC doesnt seem to do it. I would love to start a group for people to share CO camping experiences. What do you think? Where do you camp in BC?