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I Am A Tickle Virgin

Yes folks that's right you heard it here first, that is NOT a typo. Even as a child I was never tickled. My parents only touched to hit and I had no siblings to tickle torture me either. I am a tickle VIRGIN. I guess it's a stupid thing, wanting to be tickled I suppose. I'd see my friends being tickled by their moms or sisters and secretly envied them. I guess because I never experienced it, it has become a secret obsession, WANTING to be tickled. I tried tickling myself, and if that is any indication than I am NOT ticklish. Then I read somewhere that you can't tickle yourself because your brain knows its coming and blocks it out. I think that is a good thing, otherwise every time we wash our feet/ribs/armpits or scratch an itch, the ticklish ones would end up laughing half to death. Tickling is the earliest form of bonding between a mother and child, according to my childhood development textbook in college. However I digress. When I got married at 27 I asked my wife to tickle me. She told me I was a sick pervert for wanting to be tickled. So here I am a 42 year old man who has never really been tickled, and doesn't even know if he IS ticklish or not. In all likelihood I will go to my grave not knowing.Too bad there are no women who like to tickle grown up people out there, as I would be rather uncomfortable being touched by a man in that way.-Bob
GentlemanBobIII GentlemanBobIII 41-45, M 2 Responses Jul 8, 2011

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Stories like yours make me sad. You have missed so much laughter! You need to be tied up and tickled soon!

I have 2 older sisters. When I was smaller than them, One would straddle my abdomen with me lying on my back and the other would hold my arms fully extended. The girl straddling me would dance her fingers in my opened up underarms yeeiikes!! At first I got scared and didn't like it. Later I liked it and thought it was the most delightful sensation there is. That is when they stopped.