Not the norm but kinda, Lol

 I want to live in a community that shares solar, wind, water conservation, gardening, growing crops together and all working on helping keep up with housing and yard maintenance for each other but I don't want to share a house and land I live on. Is that still considered Communal Living?

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When you work together it is considered community

I can deal with semi communal, lol I basically got the idea from the Amish community. I don't believe in organized religion so I couldn't be Amish or join a religious group so I have to make my own. I do agree with some of how they live. The Amish have an education system that if put into a modern/tech version would put most public/private schools to shame, they work together as a group to help all of the community in any way that is needed so they all can have their own family properties without taking from others it's a great system. Living more simply and going back to a less tech time is very appealing to me not to the same extreme as the Amish just not the overkill we have now. We have solar, wind and water and if used correctly we could have many modern conveniences if we didn't overdue it and still be sustainable. It just makes so much more sense. I would think most people would find it a better option now. Thanks gdrtx worked. It's an interesting site it has plenty of information on it.

I've wanted to create a community like this for a long time, but have found that once people can afford property their interest in community begins to wane. But still, you should check out Intentional Communities (I think their web site is If you can't find them, let me know.

I think it it semi communal! That sounds like a nice plan.