Hippies Are Cool

i want hippy friends...  i guess because they are usually really open minded and willing to try new things like yoga and believing in stuff like reading stars... also i would like to try some drugs.... only like marijuana, shrooms, and maybe like peyote.... right now in my life im kinda not feeling like im headed in the right direction... i kind of see myself in the future as being humble and willing to share and help others and someone who is open minded and not worried about what others think of them (basically the opposite of me right now lol)... like a hippy... basically i kinda want to change the way i think in life now by being friends with hippies before i get to old and set in my negative ways of thinking that probably isnt good for my health... did i mention yoga... yeah cause i would like to try something like that.... i want to get a different perspective and kinda go with the flow...

thanks for listening 

blindrabbit blindrabbit
2 Responses Mar 28, 2011

Yeah i consider myself somewhat of a hippie lol well im more like a tree hugger: vegetarian, supports peta and all of the occupy movements taking place. But being a hippie goes beyond drugs and music but its a lifestyle and an everyday commitment to remove your selfish desires and replace them with a hunger to change the world :)

i used to be the same way before i came close with the lord and uhhh...now im the hippie i am now hahahaha...before i came close to the lord back in the summer of 09 i was just the ordanary follower and mindless kid you see now days...didant know anything about life...**** atitude...screwin everything i touch up and causing fights...yea...that was me before i came close to the lord but ever since then the lord made me a wiser person and taught me that talking only gets you in trouble in most cases...talking causes most fights and arguements and riots and sometimes even wars so...thats one of the skills god taught me since i used to have a really big mouth hahahaha but god also taught me that the simple pleasures in life matter the most...such as the wind and the tree's and sittin by a nice fire with some lynard skynard playin...hope this helps ya. but i know how ya feel...ive ben there